Thursday, June 9, 2011

Booking Through Thursday: Own or Borrow?

Participating in Booking through Thursday today:

All things being equal (money, space, etc), would you rather own copies of the books you read? Or borrow them?

This is one question that's impossible for me to answer just one way--even with "all things being equal."

There are some books I just have to own. Pride and Prejudice. Great Expectations. Jane Eyre. Little Women. The Chronicles of Narnia.

And, of course, many lesser known books that I simply love and want to read again and again.

Some of them I only have in paperback form now, and am slowly obtaining hardcover versions.
Other books I see no need to own. Reading them once is an enjoyable experience, but one I'm not likely to ever need to repeat. Those can stay in their library home, and I'm fine with that.

Yet other books will be given or loaned to my mother, who is an avid reader--ones that I think she'll particularly enjoy.

So, to own or to borrow? It just depends on the book. (By the way, I don't worry too much about space. I will FIND a place to put books.)

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Gigi Ann said...

I definitely prefer owning my books, I like being surrounded by my books.

Kris@Bookheart said...

Thanks for stopping by to read my BTT response :)

You're right; there are books that need to repeat readings even if they were enjoyable. I think in that case, library books are perfect. However, I haven't frequented my local library in quite a while because I didn't really like having a deadline to finish reading the books I borrow. I do think I should frequent my library though, but I should probably finish reading ALL the books I own which I haven't read yet, which is about 75%!

Cary Cheyenne. said...

I totally agree! Great post! Thanks for stopping by my page! I'm now following you :)

apple blossom said...

Thanks for visiting my BTT. love your answer. I'm running out of places to put books I have so many they are packed in boxes.

Joy said...

It's nice that you can loan books to your mother. I have a great book fair to donate books to, but I get more satisfaction when I can give them directly to someone I know will love them.

fiction-books said...

Hi Cindy,

I definitely prefer to own books, even though I only ever read a book once and I then always give it away, to make room for the next batch .... unfortunately, they always come into the house more quickly and in larger quantities than they leave.

I couldn't imagine a house with no books in it, they are the heart of our home.

Trish said...

Love your answer, especially about "finding space"! Thanks for visiting my BTT post. :)


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