Monday, January 31, 2011

Beautiful Home Libraries

I rarely post the same thing on my other blog as I do on this one, but the subject matter was a natural fit for this one too!

On my other blog, I participate in a meme called Life Made Lovely, and today my subject was lovely home libraries. Enjoy!

If you're a booklover like I am, you're probably drawn to bookcases and bookshelves as much as you are to actual books. (Which is one reason that I believe the Kindle will never eliminate physical books!)

And who among you, booklovers, haven't dreamed of having your own home library? Even a single room devoted completely to your books and your reading? Or at least a space or an area dedicated to your books.

I've come across some photographs of home reading areas that I believe are nothing short of lovely. Enjoy!



Alice said...

I think pics 3 & 5 are my favs, but they are all lovely!

The Aly Way said...

Wow! I love this post! It is my dream to have my own library some day! I am and English major and plan on getting my masters in Communication, and I swear by the power of books! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love the way your header image turned out. Happy Friday,

Anonymous said...

They are all so drool-worthy!


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