Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's talk about book trailers!

A few years ago, I noticed that book trailers were popping up on the internet. I thought the idea was one whose time had definitely come. After all, movies were promoted through movie trailers...why shouldn't books be promoted with book trailers?

When book trailers first started appearing, they didn't have voice narration. Being a voice-over artist by trade, I immediately thought: Book trailers should have voice-overs!

I thought this brilliant idea was original, but apparently some other creative types had thought of it before I did.

I now have several book trailers on my resume, and I have to say I really enjoy voicing them.

As a voice-over artist who passionately loves to read, it makes me happy that I can use my voice talent to promote a worthy book.

Below are a couple of book trailers I've voiced for Trailer to the Stars, followed by a couple of audio book reviews I've recorded on my own. Hope you'll enjoy them!

My audio book reviews:

--On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, by Andrew Peterson

--Embrace Me, by Lisa Samson

To find out more about my voice-over work, go here.

Please also check out my podcast page here.

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