Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Review of Books: Katie Fforde's Wedding Season

Wedding SeasonWedding Season by Katie Fforde

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I discovered Katie Fforde's books in the library a few years ago, and have always made sure to read her most recent.

Like the others, this book was fun, light and enjoyable. I especially enjoyed it because I've been watching the TV show "Fringe" on DVD, and after watching that, I need something light and fun before I go to bed!

This one is a bit different from previous Fforde novels, because it focuses on three women instead of just one. Sarah is a wedding planner; Bron is a hairdresser, makeup artist and cake maker; Elsa is a seamstress.

After a particularly successful wedding, Bron and Elsa join Sarah for a "make-or-break" event: the wedding of an enormously popular actress.

Will Sarah be able to forget a college heartbreak that has put her off romance for years, drop her guard and accept love from the handsome photographer, Hugo? But wait--isn't he already engaged? And how will she deal with the complication that her airhead sister has to get married on the very same day as her celebrity client?

Will Bron have the courage to leave her loser jerk of a boyfriend and her going-nowhere job in a salon to use her talents fully as a free-lancer?

Will Elsa be able to get past her shyness and lack of confidence, and tendency to wear nothing but black--and will the kind and charming Laurence play a key part in her future?

These are the questions, as the three girls deal with all the complications that arise over the celebrity wedding.

Even these are fun, and the book is almost a primer (in a fun way) on things like baking complicated fancy cakes, getting your colors done, and planning two very different kinds of weddings--one where the sky is the limit when it comes to money, the other where a very low budget must produce a lovely and memorable event.

And like all Fforde books, it's steeped in the kind of Britishness I love (there were even several uniquely British sayings and phrases that I was able to interpret only by the context.)

The book does seem to feature a lot of drinking, including drinking specifically to get drunk (apparently this is one of the goals of the British "hen parties," the distaff version of a bachelor party?). And there are a couple of very light, non-detailed love scenes.

But overall, I enjoyed it as one would a big, delicious piece of wedding cake. A book to read just for fun, entertainment and relaxation.

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I would recommend this book to adult women who enjoy well-written chick lit, especially of the British variety

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Corey P. said...

Well, it is most unlikely that I would read this, but I enjoyed reading your review. :)

My Mom and I rented the first two episodes of "Fringe" and enjoyed them (excepting some of the sexual content scattered throughout). Having seen them, though, I definitely agree with that you need to dwell on lighter fare when you've finished watching. :D

Cindy Swanson said...

And Corey, don't forget my caveat NOT to eat while watching it! :)

Corey P. said...

I didn't. Neither did my Mom. At least, nothing with red sauce. ;)


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