Thursday, October 6, 2011

Booking Through Thursday: What's the oddest book you've ever read?

I'm participating in Booking Through Thursday today, and the question is:

What’s the oddest book you’ve ever read? Did you like it? Hate it? Did it make you think?

The book that immediately comes to mind is a self-published one that I read when I was working at a Christian radio station.

It was by a preacher who claimed he had died and gone to Heaven and then come back.

No, it wasn't the more recent ones--90 Minutes in Heaven, or Heaven Is For Real. I've read those too, and they have a ring of truth, whether or not you believe in near-death experiences.

This one--and I'm sorry I don't remember either the title or the author--was really outlandish to the point of laughable.

The author claimed that while in Heaven, an angel showed him a large room over which was a sign reading "Unclaimed Blessings," or something like that. In the room was shelf after shelf of body parts--legs, arms, hands, you name it--which were to be sent to people on earth who needed to be healed. Mmmm, yeah.

He also claimed all the flowers in Heaven have faces.

It's been years, so I don't remember much else about it. I just remember thinking this guy was crazy to think anyone would believe him. I remember just thinking it was absolutely ridiculous.

(And by the way, I do believe in Heaven, but I think it's so amazing and incredible that there aren't human words to describe it. And for me, the jury's out when it comes to near-death experiences--are they real or can they be scientifically explained? Not sure!)

So I can't say I "hated" it...I just pretty much scorned it.

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Trish said...

wow that does sound incredibly odd. I doubt I would've been able to geth through one whole page in that book!

Here's My B.T.T. Post - TRISH

DawnTreader said...

Sounds like a dream to me - I mean the confusing nightly kind rather than the "I wish" kind...!

In the past I've read a few books too which seemed to overstep the border between theology and pure fiction.

Claire said...

That does sound weird. Books like that always make me wonder if the author honestly expects people to accept the story as fact.

My BTT is here if you'd like a look :)

Tribute Books Mama said...

That was very odd.


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