Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I will never stop reading the printed word, but...I have a Kindle.

Yep, it happened. And I didn't even seek it out!

I'm sure you've seen the little button on my sidebar: "I pledge to read the printed word."

And I stick by that pledge. I will never stop reading real, physical books. I will always love them.

But yes, I have a Kindle.

My son gave me his a couple of weeks ago, saying he never used it. And yes, I deeply appreciate it and am glad to have it.

Justin had already loaded a ton of books on it, including many by Stephen King, John Grisham, Dean Koontz and Tom Clancy. My other son, Jonathan, loaded some P.D. James Adam Dalgleish mysteries on it as well.

I haven't yet put any books on it. I haven't even figured out how to do so! (Justin doesn't remember, so I'll have to ask Jonathan!)

The Kindle will be a blessing when I'm traveling, no doubt about it. Handy and compact...no need to worry about added weight in my suitcase or in my tote bag as I schlepp through O'Hare.


When I'm reading a book on the Kindle, I actually do miss holding a real book in my hands.

You see, I love the feel of books. The smell of books. Turning real paper pages. The entire experience of reading the printed word.

So yes, I have a Kindle, and I appreciate it immensely...but it will never stop me from reading, collecting and loving real books.

What about you? Is the Kindle, Nook or other such device now your reading venue of choice? Would you ever like to have such a device...and if you did, would you stop reading real books?

I'd love to know your opinions!


Beckie B. said...

I owned the Kindle 1 right after it came out. Loved it! My son now has it. My husband gave me the Kindle with 3G/wifi for my birthday in May. Love it! I read "real" books too, of course. I don't miss the feel of books when I am reading my Kindle though. For me its all about what is inside. Of course, a pretty cover can turn my head. ;)

Diana Guess said...

I agree with you about the sensation of reading a book on a Kindle, because I also have one. But we must admit that it's a great way to read a book, it's smaller and very easy to use and we can find many e-books for free as well. I will always read a book normally when I'm home, but when I'm in a bus I'll use this. I downloaded great titles from All you can books for free, because I had a trial period.

Gigi Ann said...

I don't have an e-reader as of yet. Whether I get one remains to be seen, but, at this time in my life I am still reading books that I hold in my hands. I have so many waiting on my bookshelves to be read that it will probably be a long time before I even consider an e-reader.

Kay Day said...

I want to get a Kindle. Mostly because of storage reasons. But I will never stop reading real books. I'll have some kind of blend of both, I imagine.

Robin Lee Hatcher said...

I rarely read a printed book anymore. I have 700+ books on my Kindle. Only 8.5 oz. If you have wifi in your house, books load automatically. I don't want to hold a heavy book when reading in bed and turning the pages and holding it needs only one hand. Like you, I didn't think I would give up "real" books and so was surprised how quickly I became a fan of the ereader. I buy more books. I read more books. All because of my kindle.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I am with you - real book any day... but yes, last year I got a NOOK. I dont use it as much as I thought it would, I mainly wanted it for travel. This year I am going to try to use it more.


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